MyOdos Charity Flip-Flops are dedicated to supporting ones in need of Education and to assist Animals in need of Food & Shelter.

Charities and MyOdos

World Vision for Education

Known for Sponsoring Children,World Vision works in over 100 countries.Dedicated to working with children, families & communities worldwide they tackle causes of poverty and injustice.

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MyOdos Charity Flip-Flops

Help us Unlock our next cause & color. Give us support to add another color to our beautiful flip flops. MyOdos: 'one duck one soul'. A movement we hope to share and introduce to the World.

Best Friends Animal Society

Their mission to end the killing in America's animal shelters. They want to create a time when there are no more homeless pets. They vision a better world through kindness to Animals.

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Do you know ? MyOdos supports Charities with Flip Flops. Colors are assigned to Charities in which we contribute enough to make a difference in the world we live in. Come join us on a journey around the globe as our support for Education and Animals becomes one. Colors contribute to Education & Animals.

Orange Flip Flops will change thousands of lives in the world as every 20 pairs we are able to pay for Two weeks of Education with World Vision. At the same rate of 20 pairs of Yellow Flip Flops we are able to provide One month of Food supply for Animals with Best Friends Animal Society. Yellow shows our love for Animals. Orange shows our support for Education. Win-win situation.

MyOdos Flip-Flops can change someone's life with each purchase.

When we started an innovative mission of supporting Charities through Flip Flops we were committed to helping ones in need it the most through your choice of color. Your picked color not only improves a child's education or gives food to a pet but it reflects upon you as a person who chose to support a cause. Founded in 2015 San Francisco, California where we keep our feet wet and soles sandy, We began making a difference immediately with our successful launch. Follow us on our adventure as we look forward to helping those in need. #MyOdos

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